Coaching is becoming an accepted part of the organisational toolkit. Where it was once uncommon and innovative, it has become a standard intervention, with many organisations using it as a method of developing their employees rather than as a tool to improve poor behaviour. It has become common in all forms of organisational structure – from the intellectual-capital value-add companies in the private sector through to foundations of the public sector, in areas like health, education and policing. It has also spread across all sectors to help build leadership capability and to increase employee engagement.

Organisations are increasingly aware about how they use coaching as part of individual development, stressing the importance of context and aligning coaching outcomes with the strategic aims and goals of the business. Even in uncertain economic times, coaching will remain as the management intervention best suited for the turbulent and transforming economic environment organisations now operate in.

Source: CIPD. Coaching and Buying Coaching Services (2008)

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