Where it all began

I became an executive coach during a 20-year career working in the financial services industry. A deep passion for developing people and building strong teams drove my change of direction.

During my corporate career, I came to appreciate that great teams are made of great people. That for an organisation to achieve a positive business outcome – whether that be increasing employee retention, maximizing productivity, reducing generational tensions in the workplace, or another desired goal – employee engagement and motivation play a crucial role.

Since a company’s people are key drivers of long-term business growth and success, it is vitally important they invest in the development and well-being of their employees. With this in mind and a desire to see commercial teams flourish, I retrained as an executive coach and founded Linkwell Coaching Solutions in 2011.

How I can help you

I have a wealth of coaching experience working with leaders, senior managers, and those looking to understand their future career aspirations from a diverse range of industries. From consultancy, construction, healthcare and financial services multi-nationals, to engineering and manufacturing firms – my goal is to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Warm, open and pragmatic in style, my approach enables me to quickly build a rapport and move things forward. My commercial focus combined with my ability to create a trusting learning environment aids me to successfully link employee ambition and personal values with desired business outcomes. Each coaching assignment is unique. From one-to-one and team coaching, to workshops and more – I bring my extensive experience and unique skillset to each and every project. I will partner with you to identify your core business goals, understand where you are now and the best routes for you to achieve your aims, supporting your team throughout the entire coaching process to reach and exceed those goals.

“Since starting coaching with Kate, the time allowed for me to really explore my options has really been invaluable. Without Kate I believe I would have missed several career opportunities that are available to me. Coaching has been a real eye-opener for me, and really helped me understand what I’m about and what I want to achieve, and I would recommend anyone to use Kate to help them.”
“Kate is patient, straightforward, understanding and provides constructive challenge to help individuals develop their thinking to set and achieve their goals. Kate supports and encourages with exceptional listening skills, is 100% professional and highly experienced. Everyone in our business who has met and interacted with Kate cannot speak highly enough of her and would highly recommend her.”
“Kate is an exceptional individual. Her lovely nature and ability to facilitate a conversation to take you to the answer is phenomenal. The tools and techniques she introduced to me have been of great help and will stay with me for the rest of my days. Not only does it help clear and focus your mind in a positive way in a business environment, but also around your personal life, which ensures you are performing at the best of your ability.”
“As a business we have benefited significantly from coaching provided by Kate for a number of senior
leaders of our business. They all attribute Kate as fundamental to the significant personal progression they have made since receiving coaching. The sessions are always thought provoking, developmental and enjoyable.”
“Kate’s manner put me at ease from the outset. Her insightful and uncomplicated style has given me fresh perspective on a range of matters, making things feel less complicated and has helped me greatly to be more confident and to try new approaches.”