“Since starting coaching with Kate, the time allowed for me to really explore my options has really been invaluable. Without Kate I believe I would have missed several career opportunities that are available to me. Coaching has been a real eye-opener for me, and really helped me understand what I’m about and what I want to achieve, and I would recommend anyone to use Kate to help them.”

“Kate is patient, straightforward, understanding and provides constructive challenge to help individuals develop their thinking to set and achieve their goals. Kate supports and encourages with exceptional listening skills, is 100% professional and highly experienced. Everyone in our business who has met and interacted with Kate cannot speak highly enough of her and would highly recommend her.”

“Kate is an exceptional individual. Her lovely nature and ability to facilitate a conversation to take you to the answer is phenomenal. The tools and techniques she introduced to me have been of great help and will stay with me for the rest of my days. Not only does it help clear and focus your mind in a positive way in a business environment, but also around your personal life, which ensures you are performing at the best of your ability.”

“As a business we have benefited significantly from coaching provided by Kate for a number of senior
leaders of our business. They all attribute Kate as fundamental to the significant personal progression they have made since receiving coaching. The sessions are always thought provoking, developmental and enjoyable.”

“Kate’s manner put me at ease from the outset. Her insightful and uncomplicated style has given me fresh perspective on a range of matters, making things feel less complicated and has helped me greatly to be more confident and to try new approaches.”

the process

I work one-to-one with individuals and teams to help them achieve their goals at both personal and organisational levels.

Linkwell’s coaching process begins with a face-to-face session in which we discuss and agree desired business outcomes. This may well involve a line manager or an HR sponsor. We then agree the aims in writing and schedule the required coaching sessions. Between six and eight monthly sessions can bring about big changes for an individual or a team.

Our team coaching is fully bespoke and can be tailored to include a mix of workshops, team coaching, psychometrics or peer-to-peer problem solving groups. We are highly flexible and will design a coaching solution that best suits the needs of your team, number of people and agreed business outcomes.

Halfway through the coaching sessions we will review progress to make sure that things are on track and make any adjustments if required. We then check back in with the assigned sponsors after the coaching has finished to measure success. When all parties are happy with the outcome, we conclude the coaching sessions.

my philosophy

My personal philosophy is to deliver the highest professional standards in coaching with integrity, objectivity and expertise. Building an ethical, high-quality coaching relationship is vital for success. I place great value on this dynamic relationship – it is incredibly powerful and capable of driving enormous change.

I create a safe environment that enables individuals to explore their corporate and personal goals with appropriate levels of stretch and support. The individual or team decide the subject matter for their sessions, whilst the business requirements remain firmly at the centre. I bring the tools, expertise and techniques to help them discover their motivational and behavioural drivers. We then use this learning to achieve desired business outcomes.

Coaching is a high-impact tool that enables profound change – empowering individuals to overcome challenge, reach their fullest potential and perform at the peak of their ability. I help individuals and teams accelerate their possible, to become motivated and engaged employees – the pillar of a successful organisation.